Stepan Agricultural Solutions' Polymeric Dispersants Featured in AgroPages Magazine

January 13, 2024

Solid agrochemical formulations have been in the market for many years. Most commonly as dust (D), granules (GR) and wettable powders (WP). However, water-dispersable granules (WDG) and wettable granules (WG) are becoming more commercially attractive.

Regulatory pressure and response to environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are creating a need for high active loading and combination formulations. WG formulations are preferred especially for water-sensitive actives and combinations. They are water-free and allow for a very high active loading (up to a 93% active level) in manufacturing as compared to WP and suspension concentrate (SC) formulations.

Polymeric dispersants play a pivotal role in achieving optimal formulation performance and AgroPages has recently featured Stepan Agricultural Solutions’ range of dispersants including polymeric and lignosulfonate-based dispersants tailored for solid formulations:

·       STEPSPERSE® 3000: colorless, free-flowing powder that provides excellent dispersion at low dosages for higher active loading formulations.

·       STEPSPERSE DF-200: for high clay and silica formulations. Can be used in CS and ZC formulations.

·       STEPSPERSE DF-500: for high clay or silica formulations.

·       STEPSPERSE DF-600: to improve hard water tolerance and suitable for low melting actives. 

Stepan remains committed to cultivating excellence through innovating products with unique performance and sustainability benefits. Learn more about Stepan Agricultural Solutions’ range of polymeric dispersants and how they can enhance your formulation performance beyond current industry standards.

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Shrikant Aherkar

Shrikant Aherkar, Lead Scientist
Stepan Agricultural Solutions - Asia Pacific