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Stepan’s research, product development, engineering and technical service teams work to strengthen the sustainability profile of our products, processes and solutions provided to our customers and society. 

Bringing Science to Sustainability

With products that support food safety, hygiene and sanitation, crop protection, energy efficiency and more, we are firmly committed to developing chemistries that provide a sustainable advantage.

Stepan’s focus on addressing emerging market trends and anticipating needs is accompanied by strong investment in compliance and safety. We support progress toward broad social and environmental goals through our technical know-how and product portfolio, while working every day to be the preferred partner of our customers.

Stepan offers numerous chemistries to support consumer interest in naturally derived products. NINOL® CAA, a fragrance solubilizer and viscosity-builder, is coconut oil-derived and 100% active. With no added water, energy resources spent on transport are reduced. Also bio-based and high-active, STEPANQUAT® Soleil offers the additional benefit of having a regionally sourced raw material, allowing for lower transport-related emissions for raw material acquisition.

Our Agricultural Solutions co-formulants enable on-target application of crop protection, promote spray drift reduction and support improved productivity through effective seed treatments.

Stepan’s technologies enable stronger and lighter gypsum wall boards, contributing to lower energy use in transport. Our new technologies going into rigid foam polyol insulation provide enhanced energy conservation. 

The feedstock used to manufacture Stepan’s medium chain triglycerides (MCT's) come from coconut and palm kernel sources. These renewable feedstocks allow Stepan to produce a wide range of healthy oils which support our customers  formulations in the infant nutrition, brain health and active life styles market segments.

Chemistries with Sustainable Advantage

Start your sustainability journey with products that are formulated with the environment in mind.

Navigating Safer Choice

Stepan’s Cleangredients® Guide offers a comprehensive list of our U.S. EPA Safer Choice-approved ingredients and a variety of HI&I formulations.  

Biorenewable Alternatives

Stepan created an easy reference guide for our biorenewable products that includes key properties and environmental details. 

RSPO-Certified Products

Are you looking to participate in the transformation of the palm industry? Stepan has products available across our regions of operation.

United Nations Global Compact

Like Stepan, are you embarking on a journey that supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals? Our products and practices can make a difference.

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