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At Stepan Company, our vision is to provide innovative chemical solutions for a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient world. We take pride in engaging our customers, identifying their unique challenges and helping them capture opportunities.

Stepan is a global specialty and intermediate chemical manufacturer that has been serving a broad range of industries since 1932. Today, Stepan is a $2 billion revenue company and our continued success is driven by the passion and commitment of our 2,200 employees around the world. The entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Alfred C. Stepan Jr., is still present as we continue to seek and develop solutions for our customers.

We are a leading merchant producer of surfactants, which are key ingredients in consumer products such as laundry detergents, hard surface cleaners, disinfectants, shampoos and body wash, as well as customized solutions for the agricultural, oilfield and construction markets. Our Company is a leading supplier of polyurethane polyols used in the thermal insulation market. Stepan also offers high purity esters, fats and oils for the pharmaceutical, medical nutrition and dietary supplement industries.

Stepan’s global research and development team of 230 scientists brings innovative solutions to the market and work alongside our customers to help them be successful in their markets and be more efficient in delivery of their products and technologies. As we deliver solutions, we will expand our product portfolio with diverse chemistries that benefit the environment, promote human well-being, and meet the needs of a growing population. Stepan is proud that more than 70 percent of our products offer energy-related savings, biorenewability or reduced environmental impact.

It is our technical expertise and manufacturing network of 20 modern production facilities, across 11 countries that give our customers confidence in Stepan product quality and service.

Stepan is fueled by the science of tomorrow to help our customers succeed today. We will continue our resolute focus on operating responsibly with integrity while ensuring Stepan remains the “go to” source for our customers. Let us help you grow.


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Stepan is one of the world’s largest merchant producers of surfactants and key ingredients in consumer and industrial applications — ranging from a foaming agent for shampoo, to emulsifiers for agricultural insecticides, to agents used in oil recovery. We offer a broad range of surfactant chemicals, including a full line of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, as well as surfactant blends and specialty esters. We also create custom surfactants and formulated blends to meet unique customer demands.

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Stepan is a leading manufacturer of polyester polyols, specialty polyols for the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) market and phthalic anhydride (P.A.). Polyester polyols are used in insulation and offer impressive sustainability advantage and significant energy savings.

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Specialty Products

Stepan is a global producer of patented, science-based nutritional oils used in the food, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.

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At Stepan company, we connect with the world through the innovative chemistry we create and our values. As we expand our capabilities and capacities, we are committed to developing newer and better ways to collaborate with our customers. That enhanced collaboration, along with the science and expertise we provide, will empower our customers' success and ensure we grow with them. Our values that guide our everyday actions also strengthen the bond with our customers.

At Stepan, we value:



Watch our Stepan Company Values video below to learn more about the values that drive success at Stepan.

Our People

Our employees are our greatest resource, and we understand that the best results are achieved when diverse teams of talented people are empowered to generate solutions. Innovation, teamwork and service are the core tenets of our culture, and we provide ongoing development and advancement opportunities for our employees.

Our Products

We know that one size does not fit all. With more than 650 commercial products and hundreds of custom formulated blends, Stepan is here to help you find the right combination of chemistries to suit your needs.