Formulate Beauty in Every Shade at in-cosmetics® Global 2024

February 5, 2024

Beauty means different things to different people. Consumers have different needs, beauty routines and their favorite "go-to" products.

Come to booth 1D100 and meet with our Stepan Personal Care team! Leverage our technical expertise and tool kit to help you formulate beauty in every shade.

Textured hair, with its unique shapes and structures, demands special attention. Stepan Personal Care's eco-conscious conditioning actives can provide the love that these curly and kinky hair types need. Download the Textured Hair Care brochure to see the impact STEPANQUAT® Helia and STEPANQUAT Soleil have on creating more manageable hair.

Stepan's natural emollients deliver a broad range of sensory characteristics to buttery solids and smooth liquids. Download one of our Natural Emollients brochures to explore Stepan’s portfolio

Under the Greenlight: Discover Stepan Personal Care's most eco-friendly solutions! A great reference to those ingredients with various green certifications.

STEPAN-MIILD GCC Series: Both STEPAN-MILD GCC/MB and STEPAN-MILD GCC-FL/MB are COSMOS-approved. Try them in hair conditioners, shampoos, body scrubs and face gels. They also are suitable for cold process emulsions or "melting butter" textures. 

Stepan is a global leader of sulfate-free ingredients to the personal care market. Watch our webinar on The natural Simplicity of Low 1,4 Dioxane and Sulfate-Free Cleansing Formulations where Stepan will share with you the advantages and how to overcome the challenges of sulfate-free formulating.

Protecting the shade of hair: The increasing demand for color care protection in hair care, creates an increasing shift away from formulating with sulfate surfactant ingredients. STEPAN-MILD LSB-MB and BIO-TERGE AS-40 HASB, offer improved color protection compared to sulfates.

Download our Sulfate-Free brochure to learn more about our portfolio of sulfate-free ingredients along with some formulation inspiration to help you get started. The brochure also provides easy-to-reference guidance on how to select the right sulfate-free surfactant for your personal care formulation. 

The scalp is one of the thickest skin layers on the body, containing more hair follicles than any other surface area of the body. Hair follicles connected to sebaceous glands generate sebum and create that "greasy" hair effect. Product build-up, sweat and sebum, pollutants, dust and dirt all contribute to a dirty scalp. Learn more about Stepan Personal Care’s 5-step scalp care routine. 

Because your project deserves a more in-depth discussion, book a slot for a one-on-one meeting.