Meet Stepan Oilfield Solutions at IPTC 2024 – Feb. 12-14

Join Stepan Oilfield Solutions at the International Petroleum Conference (IPTC), Feb 12-14 at Dharan Expo, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Stepan experts will be pleased to welcome you at booth 6617.

We'll showcase our acquired KMCO demulsifiers and our newly developed Acid Stimulation range. Come and discuss our field cases with proven results. Learn more about our oilfield solutions below:

Flowback Aid

Our PETROSTEP® ME-2 is an exciting new technology developed to increase flowback from hydraulic fractures and enhance the well’s oil productivity.


Viscoelastic Surfactant

PETROSTEP VES-X is designed to viscosify on spent 15-28% hydrochloric acid at temperatures up to 120°C (250°F). PETROSTEP VES-X forms shear-thinning fluids that help reduce the formation and diverts incoming acid to less permeable sections of the formation, improving stimulation. For an in- depth look at PETROSTEP VES-X.



Our PETROSTEP NE Series helps prevent emulsions from forming and ensures that wells can operate at their optimum performance.


Acid Retarder

PETROSTEP SAR-1 is a novel surfactant-based product that can slow the reaction rate of concentrated hydrochloric acid when being used at high temperatures or in tight formations. It provides an economical alternative to VES or emulsion-based acid retardation.


Friction Reducer Booster

Our PETROSTEP FRB-5 has been shown to improve friction reduction performance with anionic and cationic emulsion friction reducers (FRs) in harsh water conditions. It has also been shown to boost FRs in water containing up to 265,000 mg/L total dissolved solids (TDS).

Download the PETROSTEP FRB-5 brochure or watch the WorldOil ShaleTech™ Hydraulic Fracturing Forum webcast recording of "Boosting the Performance of Friction Reducers."

Wax Inhibitors

Our PPD/Wax Inhibitor range of products effectively inhibits crystal formation in hydrocarbons. Try our PETROSPTEP KW-115 now!

Asphaltene Inhibitors

Solve your Asphaltene challenges with our latest Asphaltene inhibitor range: PETROSTEP D-7E, PETRSOTEP D-8E, PETROSTEP KI-115. Downhole or topside, during production and transportation, standard or high temperature, a versatile range to treat your issues.

Gas Hydrate Inhibition

Get efficient gas hydrate inhibition with PETROSTEP GHI-E, a greener anti-agglomerant Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitor (LDHI).

Stepan Oilfield Solutions provides proven demulsifier intermediates to upstream and downstream challenges. Our acquired line of KMCO’s trusted demulsifier intermediates will help service companies deliver consistent field performance with their formulated products.

Check out our brochures on our intermediates designed to effectively demulsify a large variety of crude oils worldwide: PETROSTEP KB-3208 (a polyglycol ester), PETROSTEP KB-1303 (an oxyalkylated triol or poloxyalkylene glycerol), PETROSTEP KB-1410 (an oxylkylated amine) and PETROSTEP KT-1231 (alkyl arylsulfonic acid in aromatic hydrocarbon).

The PETROSTEP KB-2400 Series are resins that have water separation properties that make them an ideal component in demulsifier blends for upstream applications in a wide range of crude oils.

PETROSTEP PE-1 is a finished blend that enhances oil production from mature wells. It is compatible with oilfield fluids, including heavy brines and 15% hydrochloric acid.

Stepan Oilfield Solutions’ PETROSTEP C-1, PETROSTEP S-2 and PETROSTEP S-13C HA help hydraulic fracturing companies improve oil and gas recovery and enhance flowback by lowering the interfacial tension (IFT) between injected fluids and the hydrocarbons.

Corrosion inhibitors used in oil and gas production, processing and transportation are typically multi-component blends containing several active components, formulation aids and surfactants in a solvent package.

Stepan’s novel PETROSTEP Green Corrosion Inhibitors (GCI) are excellent corrosion inhibitor intermediates for the production market. They were CEFAS registered in November 2023. 


Stepan Oilfield Solutions’ PETROSTEP FC-WS3 is thermally stable up to 350°F (177°C), applicable for sweet and sour conditions and generally compatible with nonionic and cationic additives.

If you are unable to attend IPTC, please reach out to our experts to schedule a call. You may also want to explore more by visiting our Oilfeld Solutions webpage.