Stepan Presenting Polymeric Dispersants for Aqueous Dispersions at JAFAS 2023

Polymeric Dispersants for Aqueous Dispersions Presentation 
September 28
4:10 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Nara Centennial Hall, Japan

September 28, 2023

The Japan Agricultural Formulation and Application Symposium (JAFAS), is an annual event dedicated to facilitating the exchange of technical information fostering progress and promoting safe pesticides use through advancements and application technologies.

Stepan Agricultural Solutions proudly participates in this endeavour and will be addressing the challenges in aqueous-based formulations like suspension concentrate (SC), suspoemulsion (SE) capsule suspension (CS) as well as mixed (ZC) formulations. Ensuring stability while diluting during application is critical. The right dispersants can address stability challenges, however, the evolving landscape of microplastic regulations necessitates careful co-formulant selection.

Stepan Agricultural Solutions considered these factors and developed a range of dispersants. Join Stepan Agricultural Solutions’ Lead Scientist, Shrikant Aherkar as he introduces Stepan’s solutions, offering diverse affinity groups and dispersion mechanisms to meet performance requirements and align with regulatory expectations in regard to microplastics.





Shrikant Aherkar
Lead Scientist, Agricultural Solution, Asia Pacific