Top 2023 Stepan Oilfield Resources

January 7, 2023

As we welcome the new year, Stepan Oilfield Solutions wanted to share our top resources from 2023. Whether you are looking to solve a new technical challenge or explore eco-friendly alternatives, we've got you covered!

Our team partnered with a client in the Middle East to deploy a Viscoelastic Surfactant System capable of diverting flow during mineral acid stimulation to promote stimulation complexity and thereby enhance hydrocarbon production. So far, the results are looking positive.

Learn how Stepan’s acquired line of KMCO’s trusted demulsifier intermediates will help you deliver consistent field performance.

PETROSTEP® KB-1410 is designed to effectively demulsify a large variety of crude oils worldwide, including use in California, West Texas, the U.S. Gulf Coast, Canada, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


PETROSTEP KB-3208 demonstrates significant dehydration abilities and it enhances other demulsifier formulations through effective phase separation. Systems containing low water percentages would benefit from a demulsifier formulation containing PETROSTEP KB-3208.

Our corrosion inhibitors were designed to meet a wide range of application needs — from pipelines to production and injection wells, to storage tanks, pumps and treatment units.


Introduce corrosion inhibitor intermediates into your production that provide superior performance, are biodegradable and do not bioaccumulate. Stepan's novel green corrosion inhibitors are excellent corrosion inhibitor intermediates for the production market.

This year, the Stepan Oilfield Solutions team introduced BIO-SOFT S-118 as an economical dispersant for flow assurance. It can be used to disperse waxes and asphaltenes during production operations.

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