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Dedicated Alkoxylate Team
Stepan’s dedicated Alkoxylate Team is in the business of problem solving. Our goal is to listen and learn more about your nonionic formulation challenges and help customize solutions that meet your needs. Whether business, sales, R&D or technical service, we are all on a parallel path helping to remove obstacles, create new products and accelerate your speed to market.
Concentrate on Product Performance
Are you looking to improve your product's cleaning performance and sustainability profile by creating a high-performing concentrate? Look to the MAKON® UD-Series for help. They pack a punch with demonstrated strong and consistent degreasing performance across multiple surfaces and soils, even at lower use levels!

Make Quick Decisions

Stepan’s Alkoxylate Product Guide is a quick and easy reference to over 100 nonionic surfactants that include property information such as HLB, cloud point, wetting, foaming and much more.

Be Clean, Look Clean

Stepan's Low Film/Streak Technology helps formulators close the gaps that traditional nonionic surfactants demonstrate with respect to total cleaning performance in no-rinse hard surface cleaners. 


Tech Video Series

Formulating with nonionic surfactants can present unique challenges. Stepan created the Alkoxylate Tech Video Series to share our knowledge and perspective on formulating with nonionic ingredients.

Product Spotlights

Watch Stepan Alkoxylates' spotlight videos to learn more about our products and technologies.



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